About 2017's Rosewood Almanac:

Not a single note sounds out of place here, meshing into a breathtaking whole.
[Stratton] manages to convey gratitude, understanding, pain, and affection across the album and even within single songs. That’s no small feat, and the guitar playing’s really pretty, too.
Rosewood Almanac delivers in an economical 34 minutes as vividly and as seductively as any other 21st century confessional singer-songwriter you care to mention.
Overall, Rosewood Almanac—the rosewood from his favoured guitars—suggests a conjoined Jackson Browne and Nick Drake with touches of Paul Simon. Rosewood Almanac more than transcends its influences.

- Kieron Tyler, Mojo

About 2014's Gray Lodge Wisdom:

There are some familiar troubadour flavours here, but Stratton transforms [them] into something more unexpected and quite magical.
Gray Lodge Wisdom is a deeply assured and ambitious collection of prismatic folk tunes that should possess emotional weight even for listeners who don’t know Stratton’s backstory...the best album of his career.

- Stephen M. Deusner, Wondering Sound

There’s much to love in Stratton’s “Gray Lodge Wisdom,” the year’s strongest folk record...much of the album is a dense and intimate tangle of Stratton’s guitar playing, but the richly arranged title track is all open, unbroken sunshine, the sound of warmth returning after months behind the clouds.
Will’s songwriting occupies a territory which defies a specific genre or era. Though the arrangement choices on some of the songs (the maelstrom string loops of the title track, for example) ground it firmly in a contemporary field, the actual melody and core elements could have been composed in the 1970s, and still be relevant and resonant today...no schmaltz here, just simple, timeless, beautiful songs.

- Dani Charlton, Amazing Radio

About 2012's Post Empire:

One of the best albums released so far this year... His playing style has traces of Fahey and (especially) Kottke all over it, but it’s synthesized in a way that is modern, resonant, and surprisingly capable of also adhering to singer-songwriter tradition at the same time.
A young American inheriting the troubling place of Nick Drake.
A classically trained virtuosity, an incontestable erudition and remarkable precocity…a world in a few notes, transcribed with an uncommon height, an expression of obvious superiority, lucid but not haughty.